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A Preschool Curriculum That Prepares Children for Success

Ballancrest Academy at Blakeney is unlike any other early learning center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our preschool curriculum is unique and based on the science lessons outlined in ScienceStart!. Children in ScienceStart! Classes are highly engaged and socially active. This program is designed to support the important developmental achievements of a preschooler, including:

• Acquisition Of Pre-Literacy Skills
• Attention Management
• Language Development
• Planning
• Problem Solving
• Self-Regulation
• Social Interaction

Preschool Classroom and Smart Board


Science content is incredibly engaging for preschoolers as they continue to learn new things about the world around them. As their abilities progress, they are able to form a rich knowledge base that supports the acquisition of vocabulary and the use of higher-order cognitive skills, such as planning, predicting, and drawing inferences. The content also allows for various language and literacy-related activities, including:

• Asking Questions
• Creating Charts and Graphs
• Describing Observations
• Dictating Reports
• Exchanging Information
• Planning Answers
• Reading Aloud
• Researching Using Books
• Talking About Activities


We structure our daily lessons around a simple cycle of scientific reasoning - reflect and ask, plan and predict, act and observe, report and reflect. Our lessons are supported by props, planned activities for art and outdoor play, and reading books aloud. We integrate math and social studies into the activities on a regular basis. Lessons are organized into five curriculum modules that last 10 to 12 weeks and build on the content of the previous lesson.